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In order to start collection proceedings, you should send us an information about the Debtor and about yourself as a Creditor, also copies of the documents evidencing the Debt.

In the case of successful debt proceedings, the performance fee rate of the collected amount is 15%.  If the debt amount is over 5000 EUR, the rate is 10%.

The service of debt collection means the collection via Julianus of an invoice or contractual obligation not paid by the Debtor to the Client, the associated administration and negotiations with Debtors to reach payment agreements.

The original documents remain in the possession of the Client. The Client confirms the existence of the original documents and takes responsibility for their preservation by sending documents to Julianus.


In the course of the collection proceedings, Julianus seeks contact with the Debtor, tries to reach an agreement with the Debtor for payment of the Debt, publishes the debt in the credit register and other information channels, and initiates legal proceedings against the Debtor if necessary (expedited procedure of orders for payment, action, bankruptcy proceedings) as well as the enforcement procedure.

By referring the Debt and approving the terms and conditions of the contact in the e-collection environment, the Client gives their consent to the initiation of debt collection proceedings by Julianus in favour of the Client on the basis of the submitted data. The Client confirms that the referred Debt is lawful, justified and valid, and that all data submitted about the Debt and the documents on which it is based are true and complete.

Before accepting a Debt for collection, Julianus analyses the source documents of the Debt and the financial status of the Debtor, and informs the Client of the initiation of proceedings by e-mail. The Contract is deemed to have been entered into between the Parties after the notice of initiation of proceedings is sent to the Client.

Julianus will process the debt according to the code of ethics of the European Collectors Association and best practices in order to achieve payment of the Debt by the Debtor.


Julianus proceeds from the principle of fair pricing when determining the price of the service. The fee for processing a Debt is calculated by the “no result, no fee” principle, which means that Julianus only charges a fee for the debt proceedings if the proceedings were successful and the Debt was successfully collected.

The service fee charged by Julianus for a collected principal amount is as follows:


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Up to 5,000


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